Film fest report

Recently, I had a bit of a film festival, with an epic portion of Hiddleston. Here’s the report.

On Friday I watched War Horse, BBC -Because Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve never had a horse phase some girls have and it’s definitive: I do not have a military kink. I can watch Cumberbatch and Hiddleston in tailored uniforms and go ‘meh’. The fil was…okay. I don’t really respond to the human-horse chemistry, I supppose. The story brushes past several potentially interesting inter-human relationships, but nothing is worked out in great depth. Which is okay, but it doesn’t really work for me.

On Saturday I watched Thor, mainly because I enjoyed The Avengers so much. Nice enough movie about a Nordic god banished to Earth, where he has to learn about dignity in humility before he can return to become the new king of Asgurd. His brother Loki tries to stop him, wanting to become king himself, or rather to be Thor’s equal. Hiddleston does a great job. Hemsworth does not do subtlety, or perhaps he doesn’t get the chance. Coulson is Coulson.

Then I watched Warrior. I lent that movie because Tom Hardy is Cumberbatch´s friend and I trust Cumberbatch´s taste in general and his professional opinions in particular. He´s right. Hardy is a-ma-zing. I don’t understand why not EVERYONE has seen this movie. I saw Aronofsky’s The Wrestler about a year ago, but this is a completely different movie. The themes are completely different: estranged brother, domestic violence, generalised human inability to communicate, survivor’s guilt, loss of a parent. I’m crying again as I write this. Seriously: watch this movie. Rent it, buy it, download if you cannot afford it otherwise. Do not deprive yourself of this experience.

On Sunday I watched Hollow Crown: Henry IV pt 1 with Tom Hiddleston as Prince Henry. Loved it. I love the entire Hollow Crown series. I did struggle with the Shakepearean English, but the visuals were sufficiently supportive to be capable to follow the story. Interesting coming-of-age story, combined with a terrifying ‘behind the scenes’ of a monarchy.

Sunday evening I had a date with Darling Boyfriend: dinner and a movie. We went to see Intouchable. Which was great, because Boyfriend has long taken care of an invalided friend. And Boyfriend is not the most subtle person I know, even if he’s caring in his way. The story really resonated with him. I just fell out of my chair laughing. Really. I rolled on the floor of the cinema. I regret nothing. I loved it. Boyfriend ran his friend after seeing it, and his friend heartily recommends the movie too. Also: Omar Sy is seriously hot.


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